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Developer - CitrusX based in Southampton, UK

Release Date - 21st April

Platforms - PC

Website - https://dominiquer.itch.io/the-greedy-baron

Price - Free

Availability - Itch.io


You’ve won the local radio’s competition and now you are destined for a week away in a historical building in America. The building seems luxurious, classy and oozes grandiose. You feel at ease in your new lodgings until the conversation takes a deeper turn one night. 

“Did you know this place housed that greedy baron? Apparently, he still lurks - waiting for his chance to gain more wealth.”

Armed with this new knowledge you aim to make the most of your night alone, one internet search and you are ready to try and beat The Greedy Baron. 

The player must succeed in a series of puzzles in a tense, time-sensitive environment in order to perform the ritual successfully – miss a step or act too late and the Baron will win.


In January of 2020 a group of students at Solent University started a unit that would involve them working through the GDLC to make a fully fledged game by May. The Greedy Baron is the result of their hard work and efforts.

Based off of this creepy pasta - https://theghostinmymachine.com/2019/12/25/the-most-dangerous-games-the-greedy-b...


  • Narration, notes and a journal tell a story of a different time and create a rich, tense atmosphere.
  • A wide variety of puzzles maintains intrigue and adds an element of challenge to reaching the end of the game.
  • A camera system to keep an eye on the state of the mansion adds a deeper layer of focus to the game. Keep an eye on the comings and going of the baron and don’t miss your shot to defeat him.


Chase Wilding
Hugo Reis
Dominique Russell
Adam Gordon
Alex Robinson


GreedyBaron.zip 185 MB


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Is the game finished and needs no further updates?

We're not planning on updating unless there are any egregious bugs found yeah :)


Nice job on the narration, we don't see too many games with voice acting

Thank you! Is super awesome to see people playing the game after the time we put into it :)

We weren't expecting for our first game for anyone to really play it. Although we are fairly beginners at this, hope you enjoy the experience as much as we liked making it as a team